Sian Hughes | Flossing The Cat
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Flossing The Cat

Sian Hughes is an award-winning blogger whose blog ‘Flossing the Cat’ was nominated for Best Writer, Blog of the Year, and Most Entertaining Blog in the ‘MADS Blogs Awards’. Since 2016, the blog has appeared on the front page of ‘Mumsnet’ as its Blog of the Day on several occasions.


Recently, Sian Hughes began working with ‘Absolutely’ Productions, creators of ‘Absolutely’, ‘Barry Welsh is Coming’, and ‘Siadwel’, on developing ideas for a radio series based on Flossing the Cat.


Sian also contributes to a number of online humour, satire and feminist magazines.


Vagenda Magazine – The Trollop Manifesto or 5 Household Chores You Should Never Do

Huffington Post – The Fucknetic Alphabet

Vagenda Magazine – Why The Hell Should Joe Public Pay For Paternity Leave

Pobl Caerdydd – Shafio Schmafio


Visit the Flossing The Cat Blog Here