Sian Hughes | Creative Practitioner
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Creative Practitioner

Sian Hughes is an experienced creative practitioner who combines writing, drama, and physical activities with person-centred creativity approaches to unlock the creative learning process. She is one of only six writers recently selected to take part in Literature Wales’s 2023 – 24 professional development programme for literary facilitators, Writing Well.


Sian has worked in a number of schools and community setttings across Wales, both in her role as creative writing practitioner for the Arts Council of Wales’s groundbreaking ‘Lead Creative Schools’ scheme, which promotes new ways of working in schools, and as creative practitioner for a range of community arts projects.


These projects include working as a creative practitioner with Barnados to deliver writing workshops in schools as part of its ‘Seraf’ project, which aims to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation, and working with agencies such as The British Council to deliver cultural programmes.


Sian Hughes is also an experienced scriptwriting facilitator/practitioner, working with young people.


Scriptwriting projects with young people have included working with film production companies like Winding Snake, and regional arts organisations. A series of films exploring Welsh identity included a scriptwriting and animation project called Thirteen: Words , co-ordinated by Valley and Vale Community Arts, to explore language and thought, and a second project in collaboration with ‘First Light’, to explore bilingualism. The resulting film, Wenglish, won Best Film in the UK Media for Schools Award.