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‘AmDro’ is a new creative writing programme using GPS technology to inspire a series of rural and urban geocaching creative writing adventures for young people, aimed at promoting wellbeing.

Creative facilitators working with the programme will take participants on geocaching adventures around their community – to the beach, skate park, woods, or local heritage site – blending physical activity with opportunities to connect with the natural world, all the while providing in-built opportunities for creative writing.

The programme, which is particularly suited to individuals with ADHD or those with a ‘kinetic’ learning style, for whom physical activity could be the key to improving focus and wellbeing, has been developed by writer and creative facilitator Sian Hughes as part of Literature Wales’s ‘Writing Well’ programme.

Sian Hughes said: “The AmDro programme is an exciting initiative in so many ways: for me personally, it brings together things I love, such as creative writing, the outdoors, and physical activity, but way more importantly than that, it could also help address some of the issues faced by young people, providing opportunities to participate in activities linked to improved wellbeing. Opportunities to connect with nature, opportunities to exercise, and of course, lots of opportunities for creative self-expression.”

In terms of specific writing opportunities, AmDro facilitators will provide organic, in-built opportunities for creative expression and writing, from devising team names to writing cache descriptions to logging creative, written responses to finds. A survey of cache descriptions featured on the official geocaching website reveals a spectacular variety of writing styles by active geocachers, from diary-style entries and travelogues to flash fiction and poems, which the AmDro programme will use as inspiration in workshops.

The programme could also be adapted to suit other cohorts, such as those studying creative writing or Welsh Bacc at GCSE, community youth groups, or DofE groups.

For more information on the programme, or if you’d be interested in discussing a workshop at your educational or community setting, contact



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