Sian Hughes | I Want to Believe
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I Want to Believe

I Want to Believe

Writer Sian Hughes has recently joined forces with artist Ellie Young,  winner of the 2021 Solo Art Prize designed

to promote talented artists based in South Wales, to explore common themes in their work. The collaboration has led to a body of new writing that will feature in Young’s fanzine.


“We are both preoccupied with certain themes,” said Hughes. “One of those themes is belief, whether it’s belief in religion or the paranormal, or a belief in the flesh and blood existence of movie or TV characters. Belief is an artistic springboard that enables us to question what we believe, why we believe, and why we suspend our disbelief.”


“Working with Ellie unlocked stories lurking in my sub-conscious. When Ellie told me a story about the Turin shroud, for example, I was thrilled. As a child, I was obsessed with the shroud – the idea that Jesus leaked his essence on to a length of fabric. I wanted to wrap the shroud around my body at night, touch it, lick it, suck it. I imagined everything in my life would change forever if only I could extract and absorb the magic juice that was inside.”




Sian Hughes will join Ellie Young and Made curator and artist Zoe Gingell at a discussion on July 7th at the Made Gallery, Cardiff, between 7.15 and 9pm. Register your free ticket to attend the event in person via the Made Gallery website. Also available via Facebook live.


Young’s exhibition ‘I Want to Believe’ is at Cardiff Made gallery until the 30th July 2022.

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